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Jan 13, 2013 8:00am PST
write articles about the fiscal cliff debate and the ins and outs and what's being cut and those don't get as many clicks as who is being mean to the president or who the president is being tough talking to. right? so, a lot of americans follow media coverage about the shenanigans, the inner workings and the purse nals and don't want to hear the nit aty-gritty about the details. does it mean we don't have a responsibility to discuss those details? absolutely we do. i'm being forth right on what goes on. it's not surprising that people are following the fight more than the details of what could happen with the legislation. >> that is the core issue. what our responsibility is to not only cover this issue, but maybe push it. after every other mass shooting. we lived through a lot of them of them in the past couple of decades. the gun issue flares up. this time seems to be very different. why? >> you had a very emotional issue. 20 school children, if that doesn't get anybody's attention, nothing will. we're not pushing an agenda, we're covering the news. the president has raised this is
Jan 6, 2013 8:00am PST
't possibly and we tried to wire in and everything, but it was -- i mean, it was a game of, i don't know of chess or checkers, but everyone is watching everyone's last move. for us, you know, we did have to reflect, as dana said, reflect what the purpose of the information was as much as what the information itself was. >> as the action shifted to the senate and as joe biden and mitch mcconnell started their private dealmaking, were you getting into john boehner's people, he was cut out of the action or the occasional blackout. >> they were cut out. they were kept aprize. certainly john boehner was talking to mitch mcconal and their offices were talking to one another. i had senior senators coming up to me in the hallways saying we're learning what's happening in these private talks from you. >> that's scary. >> why are you finding that scary? how about us? >> you'd hear something and then a senator would tell you something and you'd say, how did you learn that? because you had to make sure that they weren't learning it from us. >> well, it sounds like a closed loop and were there any ti
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2